Versuri Captain We Re Sinking - Im A Product

Album: Captain We Re Sinking - The Animals Are Out

I was place by machinery my hands are bleeding putting food on the table so my family won't go starving and 'm learning everything
everything from you. Two shots in he head I think the diamonds fading I contemplated life as I see his eyes reseeding and I know that his
hearts still beating threw his slit throat. And I know when your gone it's time for us to let go. I'm standing on the edge I'll learn to
swim before I fall. Theres a thousand reasons why I know that in the end you'll watch me as I fall, our names are carved into these walls.
Your like you father you are a product now. Dear step daddy, why don't you please put that gun back on the table before somebody you love
gets murdered, before somebody you love thinks any less of you for the things that you do. Break me down tonight because I swear to god
tonight is our last chance so break me down. We get our escape, thats all we wanted and since every mothers daughter dreams that someday
she'll be free and ever fathers son a disappointment who will someday make the same mistakes and train his son to take his place. He'll be
one more dollar in their eyes. It makes my stomach turn but it lets me sleep at night.

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