Versuri Captain We Re Sinking - Mediocrity Is Nothing To Brag About

Album: Captain We Re Sinking - The Animals Are Out

The curtains yeah they're laughing in my face again, the hand on the clock oh they tighten up they're grip man. There screaming shadows
wearing over coats and I can't wait. I hate to say I've been running dry. But I've been doing this night after night. Sitting back
watching my life fly by. Sit back and this is what we said your words are like a bullet running threw my head and I can't sleep my minds
locked into you. I can't wait forever. My heart won't speak to me my heads taken over again, It seems that the place that we keep for the
lives we lead when no one is looking were getting loaded with the hope they'll well move on from here. As i leave the only place I ever
known call me crazy but I don't want to go alone. Theres nothing I can do. Thats just who I am!

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