Versuri Captain We Re Sinking - The Cages Are Empty

Album: Captain We Re Sinking - The Animals Are Out

When the night sky settles in
We become the things that we hate,
The things we laughed at
But never wanted to be
And in the morning
We wake up to the fact that
We are nothing and the cycle will repeat itself

I break the seal and exhale [4x]

All this time on the surface
And now we’re coming up with an excuse to more

Calm down, I know tonight is hell
But in the end the stars will burn out
And all these memories will fade away

There comes a time
When we’ll draw the line
Are we the ones who’ll be stuck on the wrong side?
Or are we in the right?

We live our lives on the surface
And we’ll never look back
And if so I’ll wear these regrets
Like a ring around my neck

My mind is open
My eyes are closed
In the end it seems the death
Of self control was a
Murder, murder!
Murder, murder!
They look into the eyes
But they’re never gonna see
Murder, murder!
They look into the eyes

Everyone’s heart beats in syncopated rhythms
That my own could not begin to understand
But my eyes offer me a window
For me to recognize all that I am
I’m sick of breaking down my emotions
I downed a bottle, I grabbed a gun
And in the morning you won’t remember this song

The animals are out, they’re running through the streets [3x]
The animals are out!
Murder, murder!