Versuri Captain We Re Sinking - Think Of The Repetition

Album: Captain We Re Sinking - The Animals Are Out

My innocence was lost and nothing was found screams a 12 year old girl you yells to just make a sound. Here only scenery is groups of
flashing lights. As she kneels and prays tears form sharp as knives. I'm bleeding. But I think I'm ok. I'm breathing and I think I'll be
ok. I blame myself for blaming everyone. I hate myself for hating everyone. I blame myself for blaming you and all your friends. We become
saints. Only in our time of need. We become martyrs. Dieing for everything we could be. Doctor, Doctor! What you please cure my disease.
As I tar myself wide open and I'm on my hands and knees screaming Gog oh God! What have you forsaken me?!

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