Versuri Car Bomb - His Eyes

Album: Car Bomb - Centralia

Positive A B O AB
Negative A B O AB
Sacrifice in his eyes watching me in the hallway.
Oxygen deprived from her, waiting for his next transmission.

His eyes burn a hole in my brain is a hole.
His eyes burn so my brain will burn.

Just shed the light you get with your wrists on your knees your blood type is just.

Blacken the carpet with bloody salt stains that look like an iris, mirrored.
Convulse violent retina winks at knowing my intentions.
Save us from life in this cold hell.

Sunken crucifix.
Crying makes you loose your oxygen and helps you die of thirst.
Oxygen expires through your skin in the air.
Combinations expire; poison the world through your pain.

Bloody frozen stares.
Through the heart of a child in fear of your gaze.
Burning the personal conquest of the earth.
Pull the heart, right back in the ground it came to from.

Blackened frozen stares through the heart of a child in fear of your gaze.
Personal conquest, your want nothing. Just blackened ice the covers the earth.
Enveloped by the sun till supernova. We will burn alive until the sun goes dark.