Versuri Carach Angren - Corpse In A Nebulous Creek

Album: Carach Angren - Lammendam

One year later, still traumatized by her ghastly screams
He tastes and smells her burning flesh
in his most sickening, hypnotic dreams
These illusions seemed so damn real
What a nightmarish ordeal!

My lady's corpse was never found within the remains
Even her skeleton dissolved
There was no proper burial day
What a shame that heavenly beauty could not stay
And something devilish stayed to play

Corpse, corpse..

His name was Manfred, his father was a German count
Depression hid companion until his pounded, cold corpse shall be found
Now he is suffering a severe form of psychosis

Corpse in a nebulous creek

I saw something white dwell through the woods like a macabre dead bride
Trembling with fear, still cannot believe
that like a false dog it kept staring at me

Corpse, corpse..
Corpse, corpse..

Seriously considering suicide
Shall I drink the poison, cut my wrists or hang myself high tonight?

He made a choice and took a ride along the farthest trees and then,
when they jumped a misty creek, he fell and broke his neck
Was he insane?
She came back and pushed him, so sad..

Broke his neck
Horse shot dead
Broke his neck
Now he's dead!

Now he's dead