Versuri Carnal Forge - Destroy Life

Album: Carnal Forge - The More You Suffer

Give me your soul, help me fill this void, empty heart, empty mind
I need a release, never had a shot at freedom never gonna be free
all I have is your flesh, young warm fresh blood still I'm always
one step behind, so far away can't reach the light Lying in my tomb,
waiting for my doom I can't get rid of all my fears, can't hide no
more, it's time to act the day I was born the sky turned red Lying
in my tomb, waiting for my doom I let the evil take over and fill my
heart again You can see me all in your dreams, I'm the one who pushes
you off from a cliff, hunts you down, makes you drown I am all your
nightmares, I'll be the last one to see you alive Destroy life I have
what it takes to make the whole world burn