Versuri Carnal Forge - Divine Breed Killing Machine

Album: Carnal Forge - The More You Suffer

We've created one killing breed-machine, fed by hate and lies on with the
madness, we've got nothing to lose nuclear powered, driven by our own hate,
fear is his weapon against marionette-like men on earth Run it dry, way
overheated for the masses are blind, only one-track mind make it burn,
blow up it's fuse we've created hell and we can't escape We're riding
towards armageddon at the speed of light on our journey thru the past,
we terminate, we desecrate born of fire and steel, before his burning eyes
we kneel we welcome our new master, we bow for the almighty Infernal pain,
only one way to stop it but so many ways to die He is a quiet easy
built for our own satisfaction, nowadays impossible to defeat his kingdom
greater than the universe the legacy of our master, his soul lives on

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