Versuri Carnal Forge - My Bloody Rampage

Album: Carnal Forge - The More You Suffer

There's no saints in the world today before my blade there are no exceptions
I gather my troops for the final kill the western world will be gone tomorrow
Bloodlust, I seek pleasure in death unspeakable terror as I raise hell no one
gets away, no mercy, no use to pray thousands of bodies lined up on the streets
I sentence you all to death today rotten corpses, maggot-filled meat I can't
stop my infernal slaughter Watch me as I take action brutal murders for my
satisfaction The whole world blown into pieces my final sin the most violent
assault Human prey, my gruesome plan of revenge send my soul straight down to
hell Send my soul straight to hell Taste my venom, I shoot to kill Send my soul
straight to hell for evil I am

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