Versuri Carnifex - In Coalesce with Filth and Faith

Album: Carnifex - The Diseased and the Poisoned

This is hate and all the passion that goes with it
This is love and all the sickness I feel because of it

Because of you

I crowned you during death
Adornment of my dying bride
In Coalesce with filth and faith
Your salvation deaths embrace

In coalesce with filth and faith

Secrets of my heart pour black like deicide
Cracked mirrors look back and laugh
Thoughts crush my mind

Secrets of my heart pour black like deicide
One of these nights I promise
Ill watch you die

When the tables were turned I'll watch you die (2x)

Lifeless and empty your absence is killing me
Let the past die
You were always dead in my eyes

This is love and the sickness that goes with you

Because of you
This is hate

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