Versuri Carpathian Forest - I Am Possessed

Album: Carpathian Forest - We're Going To Hell For This - Over A Decade of Perversions

[text and music by Nattefrost June '92]
[originally a ChildMolesters song, pre-Carpathian Forest]

"Ou du guds lam som bar
All verdens synder"

I am possessed!
"Gi kirken tjenere som holder
Fast ved ditt ord bevar oss mot

Enough is enough
You're going down
We're destroying all
Holy ground!!

This is hell, this is war
Death, torture, bloodshed
And gore...

Still burns the church
Of faith
And carpet bombed is the

"Ou du guds lam som bar
All verdens synder"

I am possessed!!
The lack of faith is your,
Followers of the parasite god.
Eternal death and suffering
We embrace the knowledge
Of Satan!!!

Defending the throne of evil
The black frame burns
I am the voice of evil
I am possessed

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