Versuri Carpathian Forest - The Angel And The Sodomizer

Album: Carpathian Forest - We're Going To Hell For This - Over A Decade of Perversions

[text and music by Nattefrost 2001]

A young catholic nun
f****d up by a stun-gun
Life will not be like before
Scream, you Christian

Shoot it out
Don't resist
He'll Sodomize
He'll slit your wrist

You are a fragile flower
So innocent and pure
Feel it in your bowel
Calls tight rectums bleeds for

Crying out
In misery
Stinging pain
Oh yeah!!!

Gather the hordes of hell
Gang Bang virgin Mary
666 Seconds in hell
Destination death

Crucified through the wrists
Naked teenage tits
Diabolical religious fanatic
Heavy downer pills and
Heroin addict

You have met the devil
A devil in disguise
Diabolical destroyer
(Just) Look into his eyes...

This is a little bonus
(For the) Perverter of the soul
Bleeding from the anus
Now you're stiff and cold