Versuri Carpathian - If Looks Could Kill

Album: Carpathian - Carpathian

'Come clean with me' she said
As our hearts poured on the floor
And for the hundredth time that night
I felt her shiver in my arms
That fine line between, that fine f*****g line between
Pleasure and pain crossed without a second thought
Now lost everything we've fought so hard to realise
I'm breaking down for every moment she cries
If looks could kill, with love in my eyes
I'd watch her tear me apart
Descend the cold river of blood into her arms
As dreams take hold please carry me to a better place
Take my breath with your every kiss
How I've wanted to be so much more than this
A piece of the action at too great a cost.
Leave me here with a diary
Of everything that went wrong
Written in feeble blood
A piece of the action at too great a cost
For this I kill myself

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