Versuri CASKET GARDEN - Song Of Tears (Ashes)

Album: CASKET GARDEN - This Corroded Soul Of Mine

...And when I look back to the ancient
Afraid of thousand hiding eyes
I have to run cause they tear my soul apart
Forgotten remains of the thought
I've got to...
Hide- Hide- Hide- Hide
Run- Run- Run
Facing the face of degenration

Hide with me- Sing the song of tears
Ashes reckon with me the long exhausted
The long exhausted fire

...And when I run my hopeless path-eternal
Paved with million hating lies
I feel that my cosmic dead end can be here
Becoming stardust, antigen
I've got to...
Hide- hide- hide- hide
Sail- sail- sail
In non-existing deep levitation

Frozen between space and time
My still life is to
Hide- hide- hide- hide
But my still life
My life's still burden...

...And when I watch my dying terra mater
Like stellar teardrop in the time
Dressed in blue silk like a widow of the life
Only ashes will survive
Frozen between space and time
My still life is to
Fight- fight- fight- fight

...And facing the face of degeneration

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