Versuri Catalepsy - Immolate

Album: Catalepsy - Iniquity

I will destroy.
Everything close to you
My life's not a game
So live yours, but never f*****g judge me

How will you stand
Ground beneath you.
Where is this man.
Coming back to save you.
And will you stand.
When all the days have ended.
Give up hope. There'll be no salvation.

I will not bow and worship any god.
that can't be seen
the base of any religion
Proved fiction.

We won't back down
You cant save us
We don't need a second chance.
Pray god saves me
First you say that we have nothing without him
And still you stay spreading your f*****g lies.

I cannot be convinced
To worship a lie, your f*****g lies
Once i prayed to your god to save me.
My empty words
fallen on deaf ears
Once i prayed to your god to save me
I will not bow down to your religion
when you god is proven fiction [x4]