Versuri Catamenia - The Darkening Sun

Album: Catamenia - Eternal Winter's Prophecy

Suns not rising but stays behind the shore of sky
the autumn is on its beaty and winter makes her way
northern wind is blowing the leafs from the trees
and the rain is pressing them on a ground, vanish thee

Surrounding darkness can be touched by a hand
coldness achieves the lands and waters
wolves howl for the rising fullmoon
which reflects light on the lakes dark surface.

To the gloomy forest the light will not make a way
the nature is ready for the winter here to stay
mist is near of its red crimson colour
mists moist makes the nature color...blood

Stormy clouds arrive and stand above the land
the north gets the snowbarricades from them
water drifts deeper and deeper into the ground
everything freezes and the sun vanishes forever.

To the gloomy forest...

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