Versuri Cathedral - La Noche Del Buque Maldito (Aka Ghost Ship Of The Blind Dead)

Album: Cathedral - The Guessing Game

[Jennings / Dorrian / Smee]

Ghost Galleon on a spectral sea
Shipwreck of lost centuries
Crypts of Knights Templar awakened sleep
Young beauty meets a terminal destiny

Ghost ship - of the blind dead

Brute sacrifice and ancient blasphemy
Through drug ritual we dominate mortality
Here with our treasures on young flesh we feed
In foggy, murky waters, no one hears your screams

Ghost ship - of the blind dead

Blood sacrifice on our shipwreck
Young beauty slayed upon the deck

In our Sarcophagus far out at sea
Yes we have slept for centuries

Red lights in the horned skull's eyes
Signal ships imminent demise
From rotten coffins we rise out from the sea
Invade your shores on humanity we feast

Ghost ship - of the blind dead