Versuri Cattle Decapitation - Carnal Fecophelia Due To Prolonged Exposure To Methane

Album: Cattle Decapitation - Homovore

Rotting meat-a tasty midnight snack
Freshly decomposed
Slurping the slop that's still in the a*s
Proceeding to siphon the carnage
A hose in my mouth now becomes a pump
To thrust the liquefied carrion into my orifice
A most unhealthiest of dumps
A flatulating-felch-f**k, I sat on the stump
Expleing heinous gasses and bio-hazards
Ingesting my own defecation
Increased inhuman carnal desire
Fecophelia-due to exposure to methane
Heaping mounds of human waste
Humid is the stench
Feces, organs, blood, and sinew
Sex through death
Diseased, enlarged by hypothalamus
Pleasure and pain
Carnally decimated-exposure to methane
Thick and sickening is the stench of humanity
Laid to waste
Ripped strips from my face
I gag on the taste
To know life, f**k death in the gallbladder
To know life, f**k death and disease
To know life
f**k death

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