Versuri Celestial Crown - New Aeon

Album: Celestial Crown - A Veiled Empire

[Music By A. Shelepenkin, Lyric By D. Volynkin]

Hate has no heart it's known
Love is apart when it grows
Escape from myself leads to pain
And it makes a heart to lock away
Feel a breeze of new day - When darkness falls?
Reach your arms to the flames - When I feel cold?
Let your heart feel new life
Leave all your pain behind
Go away from my side!
My delight when it's night!!!
Is this cry of mankind?
So they fail again!!!
I am Luciferian fire
A star that shines for Empire!
The One who brought a suffering to Christ
I am the first who has gone through the dark left the others behind
Hope - it's here, it's close - just for you - My fallen Son
Come to me, back to life from The Troubled Seas from The Thickest Skies
You've created your world, you are drowning in it My Son
I didn't want your fall, All this sorrow has come from The Fates above
Oh Mother Cast away your bitter tears
Let me be as I was with my grief all these years
All those nights by myself with my thoughts
How could My father dare his own child to dethrone
And this childish scream echoes in my heart with memories that burning my brain
That little hand reaching to his father above, asking for his support and his help
And without regret Father just turned his face away left his child cried
And that heart-rending moment that's all what I have, still feel, lives with hatred in my heart
Night falls on Earth
Autumn calls to rebirth
Winter embrace my heart
Mother Our Star does shine for us

[06.November 2002]