Versuri Celestial Crown - Sacrifice In Red

Album: Celestial Crown - A Veiled Empire

[Music By A. Shelepenkin, Lyric By D. Volynkin]

Deep inside of me
Memory's remained
Christ was crucified
Failed was Lucifer
Will you fall for Her soul into dark abyss?
Christ's again failed as God, mankind on its knees
Deep inside I keep sign of memory of Her
Deep dark sign a black one sign
Nemesis Be My Queen
Christ on his knees, inside abyss, tries to call to peace
But No! I never heard his spoken words
Called us to confess for SALVATION
I have inside, a deep dark sign
Carved in my heart in one pitch night
When you torn her from me
And bleeding I crept from this place
Choking I promised to curse all your tribe
For return of my Queen
But now my bleeding heart is tearing apart
It's too much pain I cut my veins
For the darkest skies I reach my arms
Moon witness my sufferings as I scream:


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