Versuri Celestial Crown - So Let Thy Will Shalt Be

Album: Celestial Crown - A Veiled Empire

[Music By A. Shelepenkin, Lyric By D. Volynkin]

Emptiness - a cold wind bearing death
Darkness - and there is no hope at all
Cry - somewhere there and far and never-ending
Burden - Do you still wait for changes?
Hollowness - and a heart turns to stone
Sunken Sun - bereavement of your worthless soul
But amidst all of it there is a light.
Is this the end or new era for mankind?
I remember how Sun was shining over the landscapes we walked
And our spreading loud sonorous laugh filled these lands with new hope
But Envy and Growing Vanity of Avaricious Gods
Who behold us with their cruel eyes took the top over Our Sacred Love
Let throw them Into Darkness
Let make them to be apart
But they don't know how deep this feeling inside of our hearts
Even where eternal darkness you can see pearls of light
Oh my son - my fallen Lucifer - Hear My Voice from a heart
Only you and your light can lead blinded mankind by Hypocritical Gods
Let throw us into Darkness?
Let make us to be apart?
My Sunken Sun burns brighter
Within those hollow waste lands
Oh, Venus Join me!!! - Together WE DO REIGN!!!
I am touched by night I feel bliss of pain
I was born in sin I can't bear my hate
Weary hours are gone Sorrow in the past
I have come to reign Rise The kingdom Rise!
My heart is filled with certitude
The end has come for solitude!!!

[24-25.December 2002]