Versuri Celesty - Intro

Album: Celesty - Times Before The Ice

[Sir Agathos part]

As you may remember.
The sword of the chosen warrior saved the world of Cryon. But what happened before this. There in lies a story.

At the begging of time the gods created four stones of power.
Each stone has a key that will give might and immortality to the person who puts them together. The gods created the stones because there will be a day when people will need greater power to survive against enemy threats.
The gods spread some of the stones and keys all across Cryon at the surveillance of people who they trusted. Some of the stones they kept to themselves.

Two of the greatest towns in the land of Cryon were Sendell and Graynell.
The Mighty counsel of gods sent all the evil people to Graynell.
Among the guards of Graynell were great warriors and their leader was Delinom, greatest of them all who was trained by the gods.

Delinom had heard that if he had the stone of fire; he would have immortality and godlike powers.
He knew that the stone was in Sendell at the castle of queen Shemin.
He also knew that by attacking Sendell quickly enough the gods wouldn't notice the battle before it was too late.
Delinom gathered an army of Guards and prisoners, and headed to Sendell,
This tale leads you to the time when evil was born.
Times before the ice.

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