Versuri Celtic Thunder - Remember Me (Recuerdame)

Album: Celtic Thunder - Celtic Thunder

The moonlight dances among the trees
The campfire glows in the autumn breeze
and I am lost in my thoughts of you
Remember me, recuerda me

A comrade strums on a sad guitar
My mind is drifting to where you are
I'm holding you as I used to do
remember me, recuerda me, mi amor!

So long ago, so far away, each night I pray
"volvero los dias passoados"
I promise you that come what may
those days will stay ever in my memory

In all this world I could never find,
the love that I had to leave behind
But duty calls, so whate'er befalls
remember me, recuerda me, mi amor

God only knows what tomorrow brings
You're in my heart so my spirit sings
and I'll be strong just as long as you remember me,
recuerda me, mi amor!

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