Versuri Cenotaph - Different Dimensional Pervertation

Album: Cenotaph - Voluptuously Minced

Fall of scares all many eyes, pessimism with emptiness.
Occasion to vomit my humanity,
Initial obligation drags my brain
Innocent face, unknown bodies and my disgraced soul
Collaborate and decide that your suggestion will be
'cause for your suffocation.
That time I'll be sucseeded in my satisfying
My pathological pervertation by suffering from your eyes
And going on piercing your body parts
Noticing the guttural voices coming from your shredded neck.

After a while condonation stops, aspersion begins;
Cadaverous aghasted agoraphobics become anxious.
Ablazed abominable testis has an abstruse concelt,
Tustles me, creates confusion,
Unattainable end which is abstained the taste of the venom the verdict they say,
Sterillizing your muckut straddling an a rampart.
The urfority is pouring blood and laughing with proud!

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