Versuri Cenotaph - Ex-feminine Promiscuous Masculines Solidified Clitoris Swallowed By Vermins In Coffins

Album: Cenotaph - Puked Genital Purulency

Hardly driven broken glass flasks pullout resistance exerted on genital tissue

Opening the eyes as a women then a male,
Protecting not only some genitalia but some promiscuous feelings inside,
All are the reasons of my anger causing the fact of her being seriously injured in a rape.
Lets call him she whose hands were driven with a nail head hammer on her love bed.
She was unable to notice what has been applied on her fresh-like body.
I hold her yellow puke-smelling hair and draw a line with mincer-grinder bill-hook and immediately pulled the skin face below.
Sucking the muscular tissue in red colour.
I penetrated the tongue into eye sockets and force the eyeballs
Till they explode with the help of your nail equipped glover worn fingers.
Then I swallow the eyeball, the mucuous, slippery portion but cartilege like parts seemed more delightfull.
Lets now take the emery-rasper and rub it on ripple tops.
Bloody bubbles are all collaborated and gliding between two nipples.
Bring me the clamp and locate the nipple between and sing the song of corpsegrinder while closing the edges.
Cleaving the top skinof some body portions just before she die, I put the salty acidic compound inside and being sewing.
This agony is not comparable with the ones she will experience under the ground with vermins.
No doubt the worse will be the pain of clitoris while being cut by sharp teeth of any kind of underworld belonging creatures in coffins.

Special f***s to famous assholes

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