Versuri Cenotaph - Revenge

Album: Cenotaph - Voluptuously Minced

In my dreams, no my nightmares; in the sea hate with the absence of fate.

Blind eyes crying with blood, like a vomit extinguishing my flammy repulsion.
Hold the broken flask filled with a sexual organ's liquid,
Boiling tender, arises hunger, reminds my temper.
Then submerged fantasies unheard come close to my mind;
Undoubted sophism but real necrophylism.
An ache begins inside,
Spreads through all veins caused by the zephyr of damantion,
Yielding a substantial anger,
Makes me loose my will then o visual dream appears,
A pretty child is smiling to me.
Being defeated in these meanningless morbid dimensions,
Vaccinating blood, bestial bellow, mouldy saw.
Realization of what;
The inflamation inside gets bigger
With an increasing acceleration which is a varacious manner of torture.
Displeased demands of a morbid mind
Are never satisfied with an unsaturated solition of a child's cerebraliquid and his foetusfull urine.
Turn the skin inside out,
Lick the vein veiled with blood.
Button up his torn body with a rusty needle,
Vibarate the slender body,
Attach the penis inside the diseased porsions
Then lick again not only the secretions but lemphic as well.
Make it pour, taste its sour...

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