Versuri Cephalectomy(CAN) - Of Grievance And Exhumation...(The Fallen)

[Excommunication of Resistance]
Stoop not down before those darkened waters... 
Kneel not down unto that darkly shining abyss... 

Life as death, night to day.. Centuries crawl, and fade away.. 
Race of men, kings of earth... turn your head, pawns unhearing.. 
Life as death, sits in wait... fallen son to a king of fate.. 
Wars of heaven, scorch the skies.. descending angel in pyre cries.. 
Rebel cherubim bound, to lakes of fire 
Cast out the wicked, left to suffer 
Forthwith he rises, burning with malice 
Charred in horrid vale, filled of dark designs 
Amidst flame gathers stygian council in throes of despair 
Speak thee of terms to war 
Seraphic lords and cherubim gather on golden chair 
Speak thee to terms of life 
Expanse filled with the hiss of the rustling winged 
Speak thee to terms of death 
As summons was read, the great consult began! 
Speak thee to terms of war 

[Council of Abaddon]
Upon exalted throne sat he most high to bring word of war with heaven, scorching the sky 
Is mine! 

Sounds of thunder fill the vast expanse as this was not their single host 
To war with heaven once more would bring eternal pain none would dare 
As lord Belial most fair did rise to tell of their even worsening despair 
Speak we of war once more, as we have before 
To raise our swords in haste, eternal sulphur pyre we taste 
Speak thee in terms of war as we shall suffer more 
To rise with wings of death, spilling heavenly crimson 
Hear my council, despise we may 
To scorch the crimson skies, ephemeral demise 

Hearken kings, Lords of hell 
Empyrean Gods! Destiny calls! 
Cloaked in garb, Of reason's being 
Sufficient have stood, though free to fall 
Rise to fall, Chaos for eternity 
Subterranea, beguiled limbo 
Hearken lords, Kings of hell 
Enslaved we are, Rueful eternity Thus their caliph rose to them and in thunder spoke of war and hell, heaven and peace 
In heaven they would bear upon thrones an unconquerable wealth of destruction and slaughter 
Kingdom come 
It shall be done! 
Vehemently the voices of seraphim enveloped those burning caverns 
Such that the lands of earth were up heaved and torn into molten flame 
Unto them he threw silence! Attend yourselves to my words cherubim 
Diverge our minds from war and turn to.... resurrection! 

[A Transversal of Mythologies]
There are times before him, there have been gods of elder creation 
Before his inception wars of unbeknownst time were waged of dimensions 
The remark of our plight lies in ash, soil and time.. resurrection! 
Deities of unimagined dynamism.. Remark to our vindication! 

O' myriads of immortal spirits hear my words of grievance and exhumation! 

In death we trust o' gods of a time unknown and a place unspoken 
Beyond these shackles i shall endure to descry your inception 
Vengeance shall be ours! Heaven shall crumble before me! 
As with his words the god of hell journeyed from that stygian council unto plains unknown 
To the gates of hell he would venture with mind aflame of blasphemy and hate 
In absence of their lord, angels of pyre and sulfur let loose a message to he.. 
Absconded of their grievous bondage and chains they shook the earth at its foundation 
The gods and angels of hell could not be silenced with pain and subjugation 
Upon his throne in heaven the slightest of cold chills crept upon his spine, and god lowered his head....

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