Versuri Cephalic Carnage - Counting The Days

Album: Cephalic Carnage - Anomalies

Dreaming this vision, I'm lying next to you.
At home in bed, I wish this were true.
5 months away, getting farther every day.
Life on the road! I long to see her face again.
War in my head, of where should I be.
Here on tour, or with my family.
They understand, that this is my destiny.
Stare at this pass I know, I'm counting the days again.
30 more shows to go, then home to relax.
Been moving so fast, no time to reflect.
My back is sore, from banging my head.
Living on the road, is fun but tough. Its something we love, never get enough
To play on stage, fans go insane
Staring at the clock, time goes so slow
A long drive ahead, to the next show
Thrash this place tonight, pounding metal heads are banging
The crowd is so alive,
Violent moshing, infernal grinding, take a stage dive
Now you are one of us, smashing this place oblivious
Internal thrashing craze, we are here on stage! Thrash!
Getting stoned, we are one
With our fans, feeling great
Europe rules, as does the metal world
Staring at this laminate, tour dates on the back
Counting the days again, my how the time has passed
One more show to go, tour is done
Were finally going home, our fans are really sick
Thanks for the great times, we appreciate it

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