Versuri Cephalic Carnage - Exploiting Dysfunction

Album: Cephalic Carnage - Exploiting Dysfunction

Before the tornadoes came,
the sun never shined the same
Rabbit freak on a bridge,
pissing on cars driving below
Cat hunters ride, drowning cats
to be brokered for a dollar a pound
We need milkshakes and glue
Sisters play with their tits
innocently yet seductively
Brothers wrestle out debates
Incestuous story a lttle girl tells
about her dirty dad
Small town teens born into hate
the cycle grown,
some will not escape
Sniffing glue reveals his brother's q***r
Little kids with vulgar mouths
attack the rabbit
Rob nothing,
this city has a high disable rate...
A.D.D. Ritalin boy, black midget liaison
with a distraught
Abused as a kid, manic depressive
in dire need for love
Stumble onto a fellow cat killer,
ask his whole life story,
Break into his house
and euthanate this dormant lady
There's a guy
who pimps his retarded sister
Such a normality
People with atrial septal
defect coarctation of the aorta,
tetraloy or fallot
Despondent man,
gossiper tries to feel up
the impending sisters
Older inbreds party,
wrecking up a house,
crushing the table and chair
like wild vultures
Living in a house with a mother
who never cleans...
Boxes, clothes, trash piled everywhere,
piled everywhere, piled everywhere,
Exploiting Dysfunction...
Soaking in a tub of green water
Mother brings to him a plate of spaghetti,
plate with ketchup,
chocolate bars falls in the water
Pick it up and eat it
Before the tornadoes came
our splendid town was never changed
From a movie that I was,
it was disturbing
Big wigs exploiting dysfunction
of the worlds' freaks- Jim Rose,
State Fair obscurities, conjoined twins,
congenital amputee,
born a side show attraction...
Exploiting Dysfunction
Kill the chair,
nobody smokes in the water
Must be the water
pretty much like the cities I've seen...
Dysfunction is a way of life
Like the side show freak glamorized.

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