Versuri Cephalic Carnage - Gracias

Album: Cephalic Carnage - Exploiting Dysfunction

Suffocation, Joshua "Jagger" Heatley,
Audie Pietre R.I.P., Fleshgrind, Immortal,
Dominion, Thy Infernal, Immolation,
Dying Fetus, Anal Blast, Disgorge
(from San Diego), Engorge, Mentally
Murdered, Massacration, Deeds
Of Flesh, Coffin Texts, Regurgitation,
Internal Bleeding, Skinless, Mortician,
Malignancy, Devourment, Monstrosity,
Sadistic Intent, Engrave, Infamy, Jeno,
Waco Jesus, Laughing Dog, Catheter,
Scythe, Vile, Wicked Innocene,
Dopehead, Crytopsy, Incantation,
Death of Millions, Swamp Gas,
Spewgina, Fetusgrubber, Disfigured,
Gorguts, Malevolent Creation, Lead,
Broken Hope, Brides Of Christ, Motive,
Fornever, Origin, Butcher Shoppe,
Soilent Green, Mr. Bungle, Suture,
Bunkdope, 4:2O, Lividity, Tread, Throat
Culture, Drudgery, Pyrexia, Catastrophic,
Nile, Avulsion, Orion Clock, Skinned,
Disillusion, Abbadon, Reincarnation,
Disgorge (Mex.), Impaled, Today is the
Day, Pissed Midgets, Lack of Interest,
Decay of Salvation, Benumb, Exhumed,
Deceiver, Sepsism, Hostile Intent,
Desecrate, Spinecast, Morgion, Dark
Days, Cathiholicon, GoatWhore,
Crowbar, Dehumanized, Sintury,
Prophecy, Mortal Decay, Eternal
Suffering, Gorgasm, Hatewave, Dead
Bodies Everywhere, Blood Ritual,
Wrathen, Lord Gore, Fetus Eaters,
Warhate, Merde, Suffocate, Godless,
Last Days of Humanity, Adnauseum,
Merd, Disinter (Mex.), Misery Cord,
GreenGirl and Vicious, Merodach,
Entorturement, The Forgotten, D.R.I.,
Sodomy of Christ, Insania, Carrion
Crawler, Porch Monkey, Dismembered
Fetus, Sabbatic Feast, Pentagoria,
Severance, Crucifixion, BucketHead,
Fantomas, Dillinger Escape Plan,
FiendDead, Noisear, Numskull,
CorpseVomit, Sale Sangre, Meat s***s,
Permisques, Despotic, Brutal Existence,
Deaden, Truth, Nightside of Eden, Orgy
for Satan, Gorlock, The Chasm, Severed
Mass, Abuse, Bloodchurn, Fiede,
Deprecated, Excommunion, Reform
Control, Maggot Twat, Scumbitch,
Disorder, Ejaculated Whore, a*s Cavern,
Morgue Supplier, Cumchrist, Disinter
(Chitown), HeadFucker, Drawn and
Quartered, Vomit Remnants, Corruption,
E.B.D., Thanks to all North and South,
The Homies from the East, West, North,
and South, From Europe and abroad,
Thanks to all the 'zines and radio who
makes this scene strong

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