Versuri Cephalic Carnage - Waiting For The Millenium

Album: Cephalic Carnage - Conforming To Abnormality

Sealed in a plague never meant to save, it's all so vague,
Channeled inner rage, enigmatic hate, this was our fate,
Suffer everything turns to s**t, decomposed everything deteriorates,
Cataclysmic fate, mother nature repudiates all human beings.
Sodomize the earth and punish me for our birth.
Exist in your womb, and I'll resist you, organized religion.
The ATF, the DEA., the FBI, the CIA, they're all out to get me.
I have gone beyond your lies, to campaign my wage of pacifism.
Throughout the centuries ignorance controls the weak,
Trying to define our lives, the hope we try to reach, suffering agendas,
Racial tensions high, massacre the trees is gonna make us die.
See the eyes of a child person trying to live;
Our resources going dry we'll have nothing more to give.
Breaking down the barriers together we are strong,
Mother nature mends herself and we will bond amongst,
Hand in hand in harmony, to our special place.
Regurgitate our destiny to kill the human race.
f**k yeah.
Deep in the rain forest is a tropical disease passed down to natives chopping down trees.
Sealed in a plague never meant to save, feeling inner rage, from inside tormented dreams, like a
Waiting for the millennium a time of fear, to take the lives we hold dear.