Versuri CHAOTICA - I Stand Erected

Album: CHAOTICA - Turbocharger

You whip it out and you wag it around, You take it out
for a night on the town, You show it off for all to
see, But you'll never be as big and long and hard as
me. You're such a giver when you're spreadin' your
seed, But all your passion is just fueled by greed.
Keep on boastin' about all your fun, But I'm the
m**********r with the big pink gun! You cock and load
like a .44, Your only victim is a two-dollar whore.
You call yourself the god of the bed, But when I whip
out mine you're gonna fear where I tread! You're such
a man when you're swingin' your dork, Your only
question is which hooker to pork? You named your
phallus and you call him "Scud" But if you saw my
missile you would know who's the stud! I'm lifting
weights every time that I p**s, I close my nights with
an orgasmic kiss. I take my sword; I slice through the
skin, I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll shove my cock

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