Versuri Chaser - Autopilot: Mind The Masses

Album: Chaser - Numb America

First thing: they hypnotize.
Now open up your eyes.
Next comes total control.
We’re fine until we all succumb to it.
This is a threat.
Our feeble minds will now commit.

Where do we draw the line?
When do we realize we share that common goal?
But most of us will never know of it; force of habit.
Our fragile lives we now commit.

(Hollow! Hollow!) Go down that beaten road.
What’s left inside your soul?
We never meant for this to be. Sacrificed to the machine.
And so it goes. Do you mind your own?

Think just for a moment,
but now that moment’s gone.
Was anything accomplished or are we moving on?
Questions exceed the answers, and logic’s never right.
When borrowing ambition, you’ve got to keep that cup held tight
because we’re relying on others, and others’ spoken words.
Camouflage is easier than breaking from the herd.
Everything around us is a fabricated life.
They want us unprotected as we march ourselves alone into the night.

And so we find another hero: One for our time.
Fear the unknown.
How do you pray?
Are we better off that way: Not knowing?
Take time and find out on your own where to go.

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