Versuri Chaser - Backup (All The Arms We Need)

Album: Chaser - Numb America

What do we do this for?
My heart goes on and out the door
into the common world where the minorities and you,
you’ll hear our voice.
Our hearts are pouring out.
You’ll hear our voice.

We all are one, we feel it true.
Through this common bond, we’ll never loose.
Now that we know, we’ve got work to do. Let’s go!

We’ve got all the arms that we need!
Yeah, we’re armed to the teeth, I see it happening.
Where do you want to be?

Listen and you’ll know what we have and what we hold
in our hearts dear.
The resonating is clear.
This is our life, everything we do!
From it, and through it, we are united, too.
It’s more than a sound, just follow through. Let’s go!

You’ll hear our voice. Our hearts are pouring out.

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