Versuri Chaser - Beauty & Debris

Album: Chaser - The Big Picture

[Verse 1:]
Like a dull guillotine,
I have left you incomplete.
Failing to follow through,
though cut deep enough to prove
my weaknesses my all time
low took you further down.
Amazed that you stayed around.
It’s as if you knew
just what our lives would one day be.
You saw beauty through debris.

And I owe you everything,
that side of me you won’t see again -
It’s over, all that’s over.
You found it within your heart to leave it all behind,
and now that’s over, all that’s over now.

[Verse 2:]
Just the thought, to have not,
anything we’ve since then brought,
into life, side by side,
now life’s never felt more right.
Through my wrongs I realize
everything I could have missed,
and now a stronger man exists.
And true love is something
that can never be brought down.
Let it fall forever now.

We’ve had our trials, been put to the test.
With all that behind us now, I’m truly blessed.
For all you gave me I can’t find the words.
I’ll never fail you again now that I know what love’s worth.

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