Versuri Chaser - Existence Is All We Share

Album: Chaser - Numb America

“It’s all we have in common!” Say it true and proud.
If I had my way, I’d wish it today.
And the barriers known and hate would be knocked down.

I for one don’t agree with inequality,
it’s self-proclaimed that you’re better than me and the world.
It’s time we see right through.

So count me out.
Four million years was not enough time to figure out:
Existence, our common ground.

We’re all human.
I’m sick of this.
When will we understand that our arrogance,
our ignorance, and our false pride blind the fact
that we’re all human?
Trust in politicians with ammunition?
Restricting our rights, now “Let God’s will be done!”
Flex your mind, not military muscle!

With egos and pride, we’re all misled.
There’s still no telling what’s ahead.
From our birth we are free, identical beings;
our state of matter and our reason to be.
Who are we to change our Maker’s plan?
Just count me out.

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