Versuri Chaser - Know Your Way

Album: Chaser - Numb America

Follow me.
Did you know that now there is no turning back?
There’s only one way we can go.
You see, our life is straight ahead
and it’s the choices that we make.
Just do your best to gain control.
Another day, another risk we take.

And everybody says that you’ll get yours someday!
This solemn restitution is the only thing I have today.

What do they want from me?
What do they want to know?
These voices are telling me to find not where we’ve come from,
but where we go.
Now I’ve come too far to just let go.

Come with me, along for the ride.
See, I’ve been drained of confidence,
and I haven’t got much pride.
But every now and then I’ll see, with a shining glimpse of hope,
that there is good left in this world.
There’s still a chance to make this work.

I’m on my way.
I know I’m gonna get there some day now.
I know we’re gonna get there some day now.
Know your way.

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