Versuri Chaser - More Than You Know

Album: Chaser - The Big Picture

[Verse 1:]
And it comes without cause or warning, thrown into the unknown.
At high cost, and you’re feeling so lost, but you’re never alone.

And I would hate for you to see,
everything that’s wrong and the powers that be.
And I wish you could have that fairy tale ending,
but this world is gonna let you down-More than you know.

More than you know-Do you really think you can make it better?
More than you know-Everything you know, well it’s like the weather
Even though it’s beyond control, one thing will remain in this crazy world
More than you know-There’s one thing you can count on for sure-Oh Yeah.

[Verse 2:]
Never put your faith in something that won’t give it all back to you.
And please don’t think that you can change this world now, it is far beyond you.

There’s just one thing you need to know,
when you’re losing site you’ll know where to go.
Know who you can trust and don’t ever let that go,
cause this world is gonna let you down-More than you know.

One thing stays true, all my love for you.
I’d never leave your site now if I could.
A guiding light, through the darkest night,
I can’t tell you how much you mean to me-More than you know

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