Versuri Chaser - This Too Shall Pass

Album: Chaser - The Big Picture

[Verse 1:]
This black day, fade away,
I’m out of mind, carried away.
Unimpressed, clean this mess,
this is not me, I confess.

Now we all fight our demons, we all know the pain.
Write it off, it’s just been one of those days.
It’s not forever, but it feels a lifetime.
Hold on, tomorrow you’ll find, or fall now.

[Verse 2:]
Lost my ground, let you down,
for all I’ve done, I’m less than proud.
World’s at end, think again,
wakeup it’s all in your head.

While I can understand and it doesn’t seem fair,
think of the others, you can’t even compare.
That’s life so take it or leave it behind.
Hold on, tomorrow you’ll find…

You’re not alone, fending for yourself.
Been there, God knows that we all need the help.
So don’t let go, though it’s on your mind,
know this too shall pass in time.
Or fall now.

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