Versuri Chaser - World Of Routine

Album: Chaser - Numb America

The water’s rising high, save your self.
Running, running, running; don’t stop for no one else.
Fending for your life; stranded all alone.
Now this ship is sinking and you’re on your own.

‘Cause everybody around here’s got a problem, see,
when “Do unto others” holds no meaning.
We’re droning alone in this world of routine, all so aimlessly.
No direction, plot, or lead.
You, too, will be stranded in a time of urgency.
What’s the meaning?

We’ve got our own ideals.
Yeah, everybody believes in something,
but we’ve been conflicting because we have yet to see:
the meaning of this life, or an immortal being,
the scriptures proved true, or the Second Coming.

Everybody wants to get a hold on life-
turn it around and then make it right.
We’re drowning alone in this world of routine, all so aimlessly.

A justifiable reason for chaos?
The world is lost, well I guess that’s just the way it goes!
Now we’re waiting for somebody to save us.
When it stops, who’s got the control?
We doomed for our time.
There’s just a little more to life than to get that money.
Break out of routine? Now that’s just funny.