Cheap Trick - Silver


Aparut in: 2004-03-02

Label: Cheap Trick Unlimited

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02. I Want You to Want Me
03. Oh, Candy
05. Voices
06. If You Want My Love
09. Gonna Raise Hell
11. Take Me to the Top
12. It All Comes Back to You
14. Time Will Let You Know
16. The Flame Muzica
17. Stop This Game
18. Dream Police
19. I Know What I Want
20. Woke Up With a Monster
21. Never Had a Lot to Lose
24. Hard to Tell
25. Oh Claire
26. Surrender
27. Just Got Back
28. Day Tripper
Aint That a Shame
That 70s Song
She s Tight
Cant Stop Fallin into Love
I Cant Take It
Tonight Its You
Worlds Greatest Lover
You re All Talk
I m Losin You
Who d King
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