Versuri Children Of Bodom - Done With Everything Die For Nothing

Album: Children Of Bodom - Blooddrunk

      Let me bring you down real easy
you've got no room left to run
so you preach over me like I will never know
go on if they want you to
just for your piece of mind
I've got no f*****g shame
and I will laugh before you die

Wonder, Wonder why you wonder
looking for me-never seen
what the f**k
cant be your servant
and you just let me be
they got too far
so my hands out for me,
for beating
let me out
to the fact that I don't care
your buried fact, your buried pair

Take me away
anyway, that's not my way
don't care, I don't care which way
Toss me aside
I wont crash
I will never trust
Done with everything, Die For nothing

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