Versuri Chimaira - 04. Sphere

Album: Chimaira - This Present Darkness

Crawling back up from the floor now
I look above me and there you are
I see your smiling face so pure, its gold
Reaching your hand out to touch mine
Perhaps all I needed was your smile
A nice compliment or two
Where were you a few weeks ago?
When I was wanting to die
I felt so worthless
But you saved me
Watching me almost fall under
You were with him I was with her
Wanting each other more then life
A kiss away from being perfect
Cry out you're watching over me and I can't be with you
All I wanted was to end me, now to be in love with two
I hate my thoughts now
I'll leave her alone to live in bliss
Your my savior, my dream come true
Trying to figure out a way
I'll lick your wounds, I'll heal your sores
I can never face my past
Not together I felt so sick inside
Death will come very soon
I tear as we drift away
Picture me dead would you cry

Face you're mine [4x]
Would you cry [4x]

[Outro (voice):]
Those of us who knew him best, talk about him often.
I swear the stuff he pulled. [background voices]
Sometimes it makes me sad though, ?? being gone.
I have to remind myself that some birds aren't meant to be caged.
The fellows are just too bright, and when they fly away the part of you that knows it was a sentence that locked them up, does rejoins.
But still, the place you live in is that much more dap and empty that they are gone.
I guess I just miss my friend.

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