Versuri Chimaira - Worthless

Album: Chimaira - Resurrection

[Arnold, Devries]

Did you ever realize
that your way of life
is affecting all around you,
bottom feeding ignorance
you make me f*****g sick.
Did you ever realize
that everyone you know
can't f*****g stand you,
acting like you know everything
when you don't even have a clue.

You're worthless

I can't f*****g believe
you never realized
that your way of life
revolves around theft and greed.
Every week a new identity
yet still an a*****e to me.
Did you ever realize
no matter how hard you try
you'll never make a difference,
just keep on f*****g pretending
that you're a saint.

You're worthless

Nobody cares if you die


You are f*****g worthless

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