Versuri Chris Cornell - 03. Preaching the End of the World

Album: Chris Cornell - Euphoria Morning

Hello, I know there's someone out there,
who can understand, and whose feeling,
the same way as me.
I'm 24, and I've got everything to live for,
but I know now, that it wasn't meant to be.
Cause all has been lost and,
all has been won,
and there's nothing left for us to save.
But now I know that I don't wanna be alone today,
so if you're finding, that you're feeling just the same...

Call me now it's alright,
It's just the end of the world.
You need a friend in the world,
cause you can't hide.
So call and I'll get right back,
if your intentions are pure,
I'm seeking a friend, for the end, of the world.

I've got a photograph I send it off today,
you will see that, I am perfectly sane.
Not for a lifetime or forever any day,
cause we know now, that just won't be the case.


With no commitment and no confessions and,
no little secrets to keep.
No little children or,
houses with roses,
just the end of the world and me.

Cause all has been gone and, all has been done,
and there's nothing left for us to say.
But we could be together as they blow it all away
and we could share in every moment as it breaks.


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