Versuri Chris Cornell - 08. Moonchild

Album: Chris Cornell - Euphoria Morning

Open your arms to the lonely shine.
Lonesome as gold in the poor man's smile.
See how the moon is full,
follow the push and pull,
follow the ebb and flow in the breathing tide.

Come on, Moonchild.
You're so far away tonight.
The door is falling open and we're flying wild.

Cat on the road.
Down in the living night.
See how the black dog grins,
in the diamond light.
We're dreaming and we're real.
We're broken and we're healed.
Give in to what you feel,
over what you see.


And when "if" is only "yes" and "no,"
It now becomes too soon,
I know,
You'll be alright,
if you'd only,
come away in the moon,
come away in the moon,
in the blue shine.


Come on moonflower,
you're so far away from now,
You could bloom forever in the hour,
you could bloom forever in the hour...

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