Versuri Chris Cornell - 09. Sweet Euphoria

Album: Chris Cornell - Euphoria Morning

Sweet Euphoria,
mine is the heart you own.
You lost the grace of the hands that harmed you,
in the daze of a thousand yawns.
Lost my love,
as it is I'm truly gone.
In your morning I will sleep,
Fire on an open palm.
Death for Jesus and plastic armies,
Wouldn't bring me back again.
Sweet as ether eyes I'm blind to them.

Gone are you dandelions,
falling like mine -
Falling on land-mind, pillows.
Tired angels save my love for the lasting one.

Sweet Euphoria,
mine is heart you stole.
Touched and broken are the things you love,
using stars to light your candles.
Warms my face but I can't remember yours.
Gone are your dandelions, falling like mine,
falling like daydream mangos,
diving swallows.
Save my love,
save my love,
save my love,
for the lasting one.
Sweet Euphoria.

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