Chris Rea - The Return of the Fabulous Hofner Blue Notes

The Return of the Fabulous Hofner Blue Notes

Aparut in: 2008-02-11

Label: Jazzee Blue

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I Can't Wait for Love
Dirty New Town
When The Truth Comes Out
008 Jimmy Bond
Skylark Blues
Don't Give Your Ace Away
India Arab
Because It's You
Looking Glass Blues
Renaissance Blues
BB Was A Comanche
Let's Get Carried Away
Theme From The Pink Guitar
Till The End Of Time
Legacy Blues
Russian Roulette
Black Wave Hero's
Don't Tell Me About the Blues
Which Part Of The Painting Made
Andorra Star Blues
If I Keep My Faith in You
Shadow Of A Fool
Gippo Euro
Days I Spent With You (Song For Bella)
Rock 'n' Roll Tonight
Power Of Love
Yes I Do
Big Storm Coming
I Will Be With You
Race Fever Blues
It's Behind You
Lets Getaway
Twister Inside
When the Truth Comes Out
Big Wave
Speak of God, Act Like the Devil
Blues for Janice
Meet Me on the Mountain
Green Shirt Blues (For George Russell)
French Football
Renaissance Blues

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