Versuri Chris Rea - Dance (Don't Think)

Album: Chris Rea - Deltics

Sometimes I think I'll go insane
So what's a boy supposed to do?
Working just to pay my way
But baby when the day is through
I just want to have a good time
Hey! I've got my shoe-shoes shined
I'm gonna dance, dance, dance

Walking down the city street
They like the kind of stuff I play
But feel that bass, beneath your feet
Man, don't take my only life away
Just wanna have a good time
And I got my shoe-shoes shined
I'm gonna dance

I'm scared when I wake up
Sometimes it gets so fast
I want it high and higher
And all I have starts Friday-nite
With my first drink
Don't tell me, don't say anything
Don't want to think...
Just wanna dance

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