Jesus Paid It All Tab - Chris Tomlin

Hey guys, my second tab in tow days. Alright, the song that I'm posting up is a really
hymn like centuries ago. It's called Jesus Paid It All. When Chris Tomlin and lead vocal
Stanfill performed it @ Passion 06 they basically modernized it and at the same time 
it tradtional. I know its wierd. Enough of me talking, lets get straight to the song.

If your guitar is tuned 1/2 step down then you would capo 5 and play in the G position
this song. For those who left their guitar in standard tuning it would just be normally
capo 4 in G. I'll give you guys the chords first to the song, then I'll show you guys 
electric guitar tab.

Chords to Jesus Paid It All
Capo 4 or Capo 5

G, G/B, C, G/B, Am, G/B, C (2x)

G, D, G, D/F#, Em, C
G, D, G

G, Em, G, D
G, C, G, D, G

Then it goes back to the intro

Near the end, they sing a chorus which is really simple. The chords for that small
is the same as the the intro. When they first started that chorus, they held G for the two
they sang it. After the second time, they came in with the chords from the intro.

Chorus 2:
G, G/B, C, G/B, Am, G/B, C (4x)

Now the electric guitar tab. During the verses of this song, the electric guitarist is
fingerpicking the chords so there's actually no specifics there.
When they came into the chorus, Alex Nifong (electric guitarist) did a really simple
that looks like this:

Tuning: Standard


As simple as that, and the rest of the chorus he fingerpicks the chords.
When they go back to the intro, Nifong does another simple riff. Timing is actually important
on this because this is when all the instrument come in strong. The riff looks like this:

I forgot to mention that the tuning for the electric guitar is standard tuning. Please
kill me for telling you late. When you're performing that riff, make sure that you keep
E, B, and G string barred until the end of the riff. Once its over then you can let go. 
perform this riff twice.

The last riff goes along the same lines as the first riff; this riff comes into play
the end of the chorus Chris Tomlin and Kristian Stanfil sing. It looks like this:


You play that riff twice. After that Kristian Stanfill  finishes the song off with the
chorus with acoustic playing. So thats basically it for this really long tab. Hope you
it. If there's a need for corrections:
email me at or if anything just email me at
guys. Have fun with the tab. Pe@ce.